Unlock a World of Learning with Our VR Experience.

Where Learning Becomes an Exciting Virtual Adventure.

Our VR products turn traditional education into a thrilling journey. Kids can explore subjects with interactive, immersive experiences that make learning fun.

Engaging with the world through play allows kids to grow and develop their:

  • Creative and imaginative abilities.
  • Help them develop problem-solving.
  • Improve emotional intelligence.
  • Teach them about choices and self-direction.
  • Encourage the development of improved memory.
  • Enable them to explore and develop physically.
source : www.classvr.com

VR Worlds

Computing, Age 9-10
Elm Park Primary School, Hornchurch, Essex, UK

Learning Aims:

To create a complex game using code and go beyond tutorials. To use skills already developed to create content using unfamiliar online technology. To save a document/file in various formats.

source : www.classvr.com

The Moon Field Trip

Science, Age 5-11
Oh Jeong Elementary, Gwangju City, South Korea

Learning Aims

To visit the Moon and go on a virtual field trip. To empathise with the astronauts’ experiences on the Moon. To understand the vast nature of space.

source : www.classvr.com

Cave Exploration

Kindergarten, Age 5-6
Kinnwood Central Public School, Forest, Ontario, Canada

Learning Aims:

To use language to communicate thinking, reflect and solve problems. To ask questions for a variety of purposes.

source : www.classvr.com

Descriptive Writing

English, Age 10-11
Hanover County Public Schools, Mechanicsville, Virginia, USA

Learning Aims:

Students will use a virtual reality experience to enhance their background knowledge about sharks.

source : www.classvr.com

Weather & The Seasons

Geography Age 5-6
Prince Albert Primary School, Birmingham, UK

Learning Aims:

To become immersed into different extreme weather scenarios.

source : www.classvr.com

The Science of Flight

Physics, Age 11-15
Red Arrows, Royal Air Force

Learning Aims:

To identify the forces affecting an airplane. To describe forces using force diagrams. To create virtual reality experiences based on prior learning.

source : www.classvr.com

The Human Body

Biology, Age 10-11
Heathfield Primary School, Birmingham, UK

Learning Aims:

To have an awareness of the different parts of the human body.

source : www.classvr.com

Exploring Spain

Spanish, Age 14-18
Stoughton High School, Massachusetts, USA

Learning Aims:

To use Virtual Reality to enable students to explore Spain and it’s culture. To communicate in Spanish with VR To analyze Spanish landmarks and locations.




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