with great passion comes great creation.
with great creation comes happiness and quality of life.

Bot and Life

We are Bot and Life – a Bangkok-based software innovation studio established in 2021. Born from a shared passion for using technology to enrich lives, our team of aspiring creators develop mobile games, VR medical simulations, and AI business solutions designed to uplift and empower.

Whether through imaginative gaming worlds or intelligent automation tools, we craft digital experiences centered on understanding people’s needs. Our dedication to outstanding design with empathy aims to spread more joy, ease daily burdens, and contribute to an elevated quality of life.

We came together based on the conviction that progress manifests through purpose. Since those early days as pioneers guided by this belief, we have never wavered from our commitment to building products and services that benefit humanity. As we look ahead to the future, we will hold fast to the inspirational mandate that brought Bot and Lifers together.

Our Mission

“Creating innovative imagination software, nurturing community and manifesting meaning”

Innovating Imagination

  • Developing high-quality software and games that delight and fulfill users
  • Providing fun, stimulating digital experiences that unlock creativity

Nurturing Community

  • Fostering an engaged community that collaboratively builds knowledge
  • Enabling idea sharing and growth through open dialogue and education

Manifesting Meaning

  • Promoting products and practices that drive sustainable progress
  • Embedding environmental values across operations and offerings
  • Pursuing positive impact aligned to human welfare and digital rights

Who we serve

Experience Seekers

We serve people pursuing engaging gaming, entertainment and digital experiences that enlighten and empower. Our solutions meet evolving needs through leading-edge technologies.

Business Builders

We serve organizations requiring customized software that solves mission-critical workflows to drive efficiency, insight and growth. Our tools enable progress.

Creator Communities

We serve developers and creators seeking an open, supportive platform where imagination and ingenuity can thrive. Our environment nurtures innovation.