Three Kingdoms Run seamlessly integrates the excitement of an endless runner with the historical depth of the Three Kingdoms era.

“Learning comes hand in hand with growth.” That’s the concept of our trivia game, BrainBlitz : the grow up trivia.

Leap, dodge obstacles, and conquer dangers for survival in endless cityscapes.

Our vision

“With Great Passion Comes Great Creation.

With Great Creation Comes Happiness and Quaility of Life.”

who we are

We are a team of aspiring innovators who share a passion for delivering breakthrough products that enrich people’s lives. Our dedication to crafting outstanding creations with empathy is geared towards benefiting humanity, spreading joy, and contributing to an improved quality of life. This has been our belief and core value from the very beginning. Bot and Life.

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We believe breakthrough innovations that enrich lives are crafted by teams united through purpose, empathy, and a commitment to excellence. That is why we seek talented, devoted creators across technology, design, business, and community to join our mission of spreading joy through products that matter.