Three kingdom run

“Battlefield Fun Endless Runner Game” Are you ready to step into the world of the Chinese novel ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’? Experience the excitement of the Three Kingdoms saga through an endless run game.

Playable characters

Our main characters will mostly follow the Three Kingdoms narrative, starting with Zhao Yun, who is initially confronted by Yellow Turban rebels until he encounters the character Liu Bei. Subsequently, characters will be unlocked according to the storyline for players to use in the unfolding narrative. This allows players to use characters based on the actual storyline to encounter and recount various events.

chapters and bosses

In each stage that players challenge and encounter bosses, they will be inspired by the narrative of the Three Kingdoms. The bosses will be enhanced to reflect the storyline, featuring augmented abilities to make the encounters more thrilling and exciting for players.

Three Kingdoms Run

Three Kingdomes Run has two gameplay modes. The first mode is a standard running system, where players navigate obstacles, collect resources, and complete basic quests to unlock the second chapter. The second mode is a boss battle mode, where players initially face the boss’s minions during the run, leading up to the final showdown with the boss of that particular level.