Catch me : cat cross

Leap, dodge obstacles, and conquer dangers for survival in endless cityscapes. A Tap & Timing mobile game where you role-play as a cat, continuously hoppy jumps to evade obstacles in many territory and Beware of cat catchers – don’t get caught, Meow!

“Cute cat cross the world”

There are many challenges along the way, such as cars, wooden logs, and the antagonists in the game, the Cat Catchers, who constantly try to capture us. We must hide and evade in safe areas, otherwise, we will be caught. There are tools to make gameplay easier. These tools randomly appear along our path, helping us navigate through obstacles when we collect items. With these tools, we can easily run past various challenges.

theme & skin

Explore a wide cat world to collect cat coins & meet new cat friends, from elite cats to divine ones and even thief cat (not a cat thief, though). Live a sophistiCATed life and collect cute furniture to decorate your cat condo. Live together like one big family.  Collect coins during your journey to unlock numerous irresistibly cute cats, each with its own unique gimmicks. These feline companions reside in distinct habitats, providing an authentic sense of their real-life environments.

Catch Me : cat cross

Compete against friends to show our gaming skills and determine who is the best. “Wish you love Meow”