Brain blitz

Learning comes hand in hand with growth”.  That’s the concept of our trivia game, BrainBlitz. It is a question-and-answer game with a great number of systems that make players feel a sense of growth throughout their gameplay. We aim to be a game that increases players’ knowledge and brings joy to their personal development!

trivia game and collection

Presenting an extensive range of quiz categories in our game, featuring a total of 10 diverse subjects. These categories are strategically divided into two wheels, providing players with a dynamic and varied trivia experience. As players progress through the stages, players have the opportunity to choose the category of questions they want to play in that question.


Embark on a unique gaming journey where our area system evolves with you. Start in a gorgeousness children’s room, progress to a dynamic grown-up kid’s space, and challenge yourself in the intellectual realm of a university room. Experience a compact yet diverse adventure, tailored to your progression from childhood to higher education.

brain blitz

Embrace learning as a lifestyle, not an occasional task. With an open mindset, even familiar domains reveal exciting depths yet uncharted.  Welcome to the world of knowledge. We’re ready to grow with you!